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About ISS Law

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Protection and guidance across the creative space.

A law firm built by and for independent creative professionals.

Independent creatives who seek to go farther today look out at a universe of infinite opportunity. You might be a creative agency principal, independent filmmaker, animation company, software developer, digital media producer, or content creator in any other discipline. All face increasingly sophisticated design problems in an increasingly complex commercial environment: a creative space that demands not only superb craft but also the ability to anticipate and solve problems that earlier generation creatives could leave to others.

The complex problems of today . . . require knowledge and skills well beyond the typical domains of design. Anthropologists, psychologists, computer scientists, cultural theorists, business strategists, data scientists, and other specialists now participate in the development of design solutions.

Meredith Davis, AIGA Design Futures

Solving these problems while creating profitable creative careers requires a basic understanding of how the law influences your work. Founded and guided by an advertising art director and senior graphic designer for global brands turned intellectual property and creative business attorney, Inspiration Spaceship was built to advise and guide creators across this creative expanse. Extensive creative experience at top agency and design department levels enables the firm to provide advice and representation that is as empathetic as it is sophisticated.

High-end creative experience. Grounded legal counsel and expertise.
Inspiration Spaceship’s boutique creative law practice is dedicated to assisting talented creatives in starting, growing, and protecting their businesses and intellectual property. We focus on the best solutions to the business and legal issues affecting their work and process. Choosing the right form of business organization and then managing employees and clients along the way. Complying with rapidly-changing data privacy laws and regulations. Developing, protecting, and licensing valuable intellectual property while avoiding copyright and trademark disputes. Dealing with large, powerful business customers that insist on using their own one-sided standard contracts.

Along the way, we work hard to make those solutions understandable and accessible. Providing comprehensive legal representation with a specialized focus on the creative and entertainment industries, our goal is to deliver experienced, responsive legal advice and services to optimize our clients’ business, financial, and legal positions in the development, production, and distribution of media content.

Welcome aboard.
ISS Law is proud to represent clients from independent filmmakers to startup digital media studios to traditional artists and authors in transactional and litigation aspects of digital media, print, film, and television content. Our clients are creators who venture boldly into the commercial universe seeking to bring meaning and make connections, artists who can do something about what they think, imagine, dream, and believe. Our mission is to protect and guide them through that space. Interested in working together? We invite you to contact us.