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The use of the Internet or this form for communication with ISS Law or any individual member of the firm does not create any attorney-client relationship. Please do not transmit confidential or time-sensitive information through this form.


Just like to see if we can help? We’re happy to chat. (Please note that we cannot provide legal advice specific to your situation during this call, which is intended to provide you only with information and limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.)

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Inspiration Spaceship Express

A one-hour attorney meeting or call.

Get immediate legal advice from a creative lawyer.

Plan to protect your creative work + take your business farther.

New Clients

Call us Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to schedule a 60-minute attorney telephone or (in Portland) in-person work session with no obligation to continue representation. Prefer to book online? Click “Book Now” below.



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Returning Clients

You can schedule an appointment through Check-In or call the firm. Available 24/7, Check-In allows you to securely manage appointments, message your attorney, and view documents.



Inspiration Spaceship Shuttle

A 30-minute attorney phone call.

Ask a creative business lawyer. Get answers quicker.

Call us Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to schedule a 30-minute attorney phone call with no obligation to continue representation. Prefer to book online? Click “Book Now” below.



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What to Know

Inspiration Spaceship’s attorney connections, whether Express or Shuttle service, focus on dealing with the immediate creative legal issues or questions you are calling about. Depending on the duration of the session, they can also be a great time to talk about other legal aspects of your creative work or business, such as protecting intellectual property rights, setting up a production company or other organization, or drafting a contract to smooth the process of delivering great work and receiving timely payment.

Consultation Attorney Fees

Fees for attorney consultations are due at the time of booking. Flat fees are considered “earned on receipt” and will not be deposited in the firm’s lawyer trust account. If you engage Inspiration Spaceship for further representation after your consultation is over, your consultation fee will be credited toward attorney fees incurred.

Talking with your lawyer

Your attorney will call you at the scheduled time and the telephone number you provide when booking to begin your session. If you are within access of Portland, we are also happy to meet at a convenient location. We’ll confirm during your reservation process.

If you need to cancel or reschedule

Please do so at least 24 hours in advance by calling (503) 975-8298. If you are unavailable at the time scheduled for your call, your attorney will remain available to speak with you during the scheduled period. You may call back during that period. We will make every effort to provide a productive consultation during the remaining time, but your reservation may need to be rescheduled.


As a person seeking legal advice by consulting with a lawyer, even during a call or meeting that is limited in time and depth and leaves both the prospective client and the lawyer free to proceed no further, you receive protection of the confidentiality of information that you disclose. Attorney confidentiality rules apply even to information that you reveal when you book a reservation. The lawyer often must learn such information to determine whether there is a conflict of interest with an existing client and whether the matter is one that the lawyer is willing to undertake.

When you request to book a reservation, the firm will review your information. If we believe that we cannot ethically or legally advise you, we will cancel the reservation and fully refund your payment.