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Trademarks + Brand Protection

ISS Law’s trademark practice assists clients in developing, protecting, and monetizing brand assets.

Legal guidance from brand launch forward.

Working closely with brand creators to establish, protect, and monetize intellectual property.

Inspiration Spaceship’s trademark practice provides legal advice and counseling for strategic branding, trademark search and registration, and brand protection to VC-backed start-ups, branding studios, and individual creative entrepreneurs. Trademark experience includes the entertainment and media, information technology, consumer goods, foods, and professional services industries.

Advice on choosing a strong trademark

Successful trademark registrations depend largely on strong marks. Combining creative brand development experience from major advertising agencies and global consumer products companies with legal knowledge, Inspiration Spaceship advises clients from the initial brand concept stage. This ability to display more productive pathways for creative efforts allows clients to economize on design expenses as well as reduce development time, which is critical in protecting potential brand assets.

Comprehensive trademark searching for conflicts

After evaluating potential brand marks for their registration potential, Inspiration Spaceship conducts comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark searching using attorney experience—along with some of the same trademark search software used by the largest law firms—to assess risk. But because ISS Law works with your trademark application on a flat-fee basis, attorney consultation time does not result in unexpected hourly billing. If a technology-enabled search reveals a problem that could prevent registration, the firm performs a complimentary search of an alternative mark.

Attorney trademark application drafting + filing

Once a strong candidate mark is identified and cleared by ISS Law trademark searching, trademark services including application preparation, office action responses, and statement of use filings successfully register wordmarks and design marks. Inspiration Spaceship professionally and effectively handles interactions with US Patent and Trademark Office examiners, a practice that has successfully overcome registration issues before a formal refusal is issued.

Trademark monitoring and maintenance

Trademark rights granted with registration can live as long as the mark is used. But trademark rights must be defended after registration issues. Post-registration trademark monitoring, brand portfolio management, trademark renewal filings, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, and responses to infringement are other important services. And later milestones in a mark’s life must also be handled—changes in trademark ownership and opportunities for monetizing and exploiting branded content through trademark licensing. among others.

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