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Trademark Registration

Flat Fee Trademark Registration Package

Travel quickly and comfortably through the trademark process.

Searching conflicts. Advising clients. Simplifying processes. All to take your brand farther.
A trademark registration package designed for you.

Complete trademark attorney clearance search and application.

Unprotected brands can only go so far. But successful trademarks take more than creativity. Failing to meet complex trademark law requirements can cause your desired mark refused as being likely to confuse consumers with an existing mark. You can avoid wasting time developing a brand identity around an unregistrable or unprotectable mark by working with experienced trademark legal counsel. ISS Law simplifies the process. Comprehensively searching, evaluating, and advising on your mark. Preparing your application to US Patent and Trademark Office requirements. Attorney services for building a solid brand to carry your creative venture. One flat fee built to your exact specifications.

Choose the components you need.

Every ISS Law trademark package begins with an attorney search and advice so that no pre-existing trademark will cause refusal of registration. The basic package includes the federal filing fee for one class of goods or services. If you need to protect your mark for use with additional classes, add them below. If you intend to use your mark in commerce but have not yet done so, add filing on an intent-to-use basis. Questions? Call us at (503) 975-8298.

Trademark Search and Single-Class Application

Trademark Second Goods/Services Class

Trademark Intent-to-Use Filing Basis

Design/Logo Mark Search and Single-Class Application

Design Mark Intent-to-Use Filing Basis

Design Mark Second Goods/Services Class


Trademark Flat Fee Search and Filing

Package includes attorney search and filing of your mark in one class of goods or services. Add another class or your logo and see updated flat fee pricing.