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Entertainment Law

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Frequent departures to the media universe.

An entertainment law practice focused on taking emerging creative talent farther.

The vast expanse of entertainment is dominated as much by money and power as by creativity. Major studios, platforms, and publishers increasingly control their content as well as its distribution and marketing. But independent artists can succeed in this creative and business space. They make and release great work every day to audiences around the world. But to do so with the greatest success, to successfully move their projects from script to the greatest number of screens, they must overcome not only creative challenges but business and legal challenges as well.

Indie Film Focus

Inspiration Spaceship focuses on navigating past those challenges. powering independents toward creating and developing protectable, distributable film and television projects. A boutique entertainment law firm, ISS Law has experience in both transactional and litigation legal services: Advising indie filmmakers, producers, and production companies on structuring business entities. Negotiating acquisitions of underlying literary and other creative properties. Protecting intellectual property. Securing agreements with above- and below-the-line talent and crew, resolving or litigating contract disputes, and using various film finance mechanisms, including crowdfunding platforms and private equity.

Literary and Talent Representation

Inspiration Spaceship has also provided legal representation and counsel to award-winning literary authors, small press publishers, theatrical performers, visual effects experts, composers, singer/songwriters, actors, and other creative talent working in new and traditional media. And significant experience in the art and design industry allows the firm to bring a deep understanding of the creative process to its clients. We see things from a shared perspective—an advantage in helping take serious independent creators where they want to go.