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Trademark Search + Application


Calculate your trademark application price before checking out. Choose the class (or classes) of goods or services in which your mark will be used from the official list below. There are many goods and services in each class, so if you don’t see an exact match. choose the closest. We will confirm correct classes before preparing and filing your application. A filing fee is required for each class. If your mark is not currently used in commerce, you may apply for registration on an intent-to-use basis. Additional filing fees will be required to submit proof of use for each class before registration.

Choose your goods or services:

Paints + Coatings
Cleaning Products + Cosmetics
Fuels + Industrial Oils
Pharmaceutical + Veterinary Goods
Metals + Hardware
Machines + Parts
Hand Tools + Cutlery
Software + Electronics
Medical + Dental Goods
Appliances + Lighting
Metalware + Jewellery
Musical Instruments
Paper + Stationery
Rubber + Plastic
Leather + Faux Leather
Construction Materials
Containers + Utensils
Ropes + Padding
Yarn + Thread
Footwear + Apparel
Sewing Notions
Carpet + Floor Covering
Toys + Sporting Goods
Processed Foods
Bakery + Confectionery
Beer + Soft Drinks
Wine + Spirits
Tobacco + Related Goods
Advertising + Business Consulting
Insurance + Financial Services
Construction + Maintenance
Transport + Storage
Materials Treatment
Entertainment + Education
Scientific + Technological Services
Food Service + Accommodations
Medical + Veterinary Services
Personal Services