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Trademark Services

Flat Fee Trademark Registration + Monitoring

Travel quickly and comfortably through the trademark process.

Searching trademarks. Advising clients. Simplifying processes. All to take your brand farther.
  • Trademark Registration

  • $725Plus Filing Fees
    • Attorney advice on strong trademark selection
    • Federal, state, and common law trademark search
    • Attorney search evaluation and consultation
    • Complimentary second comprehensive trademark search for alternate mark
    • Trademark application drafting and filing
    • Trademark application tracking through approval process.
    • Responding to any non-substantive Trademark Office Actions.

  • Trademark Monitoring

  • $35Month
    • Monitoring USPTO trademark database for similar trademark filings.
    • Monthly attorney reports of findings.
    • Attorney recommendations on trademark defense.
    • Notification of renewals due on your registration.
    • 15% discount on attorney fees for trademark defense actions.

Evaluate. Search. Register. Protect.

Attorney advice and creative experience to get your brand where it’s going.

  • Start right

    Attorney Consultation

  • Get ready

    Comprehensive Search

  • Track Progress


  • Arrive Safely


Take your brand farther.

More questions? Let’s talk trademarks.